Licensing Officers Are Rumbling

Licensing officers at the Licensing Authority’s of­fices in Caroni, Arima, Port of Spain and San Fernando are grumbling and are about to rumble because of serious dis­satisfaction with the Transport Commissioner, Basdeo Hosein.
Hosein succeeded former Commissioner Wayne Richards who retired a little more than a year ago.
Licensing officers are saying that since Hosein assumed office everything is falling to pieces and the structures put in by his pre­decessors are coming to nought quickly. Many accusations have been levelled against Hosein, chief of which is the complaint that he is re-introducing outdated measures and procedures and, in an age of IT, the Licensing Authority is not moving forward.
The officers say that Hosein lacks vision and, as a consequence, the public is getting short-changed.
What has incensed the offi­cers further is that Hosein’s last working day is in this month and there are rumours that the Minister of Works & Transport, Senator Rohan Sinanan, intends to go to Cabinet with a Note to approve a three-month extension for him. If this does happen, the officers say that they “will down tools” and, if necessary “hit the streets”.
Efforts to contact the Minister or Hosein have been futile up to press time.

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