By Jack Warner

I would have thought that after the Sunshine Today of Friday 27 September 2019 when the Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Keith Rowley was called upon to “Zip Your Lip” that the leader of our coun­try would have found wisdom in such sayings and follow suit.

I would have thought that given the exigencies of the day, the im­pending Local Government Elec­tions and the General Elections in less than a year’s time and the threat that the chances of the ruling Peo­ple’s National Movement return­ing to office seem to be dwindling by the day that the Prime Minister would have reclined into reflective mode and rather than babble all day long constrain his tongue and give to his people a glimmer of hope.
However, this seems too much to have been asked of our leader and rather than allowing the courts to have its way and the Law As­sociation of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) to have its day in court the Prime Minister goes off again in an unholy chatter pitting the legal fraternity against his Government. And doing so at a time he can ill afford to contribute to the growing band of dissidents within his party.
The honest truth that Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley cannot deny is that he is not alone in his thinking. It is not only the Prime Minister who believes that the LATT’s at­tempt to start judicial proceedings against Chief Justice Ivor Archie is political and more. But it is only he, who dares to open his mouth and thus be accused of trying to influ­ence the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago.

In this matter, Sunshine Today is on his side. We believe that the hounding of the Chief Justice may have more to do with race and sectarian leadership within the Judiciary. But if the LATT chooses to build a case and hope that it can establish a prima facie suit against the Prime Minister then all that Keith Rowley has to do is to shut up like Sunshine To­day and let justice take its course.

But this is too much to ask of Keith Rowley, our Prime Minister, and too much to ask of his minions who seem to take the cue from him. And rather than remain silent, they all open their mouths and betray their intelligence which defines them all as being unfit to rule in 2020.
A more diplomatic approach
A more diplomatic approach is what is required in the leadership of Trinidad and Tobago. But it seems as though we are overtaken by a kind of leadership that is plaguing the world and that is evident in the stewardship of men like Donald Trump, President of the USA; Bo­ris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Jair Bolson­aro, President of Brazil.
What all of these men have in common with the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago is a lack of diplomacy, a penchant for aggra­vating not only their local popula­tions but also global ones and an uncanny ability to raise the angst of their people.
Just last week Dr. Rowley’s Gary Sobers, the Minister of National Security Stuart Young, started a tongue lashing against the Judi­ciary as it relates to judgment being dispensed in matters relating to bail in our country.
Everyone already has an uneasy feeling with the Judiciary and this has nothing to do with LATT and its war against the Chief Justice. Everyone raises questions concern­ing the appointment of some from Magistrates to Judges. Everyone, not only the Privy Council, was concerned at one time about the composition of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and many stated their opinions silently and across social media because they are not in Government.
This is normal for ordinary citi­zens but not for the leaders of our country.
Our leaders are expected to dis­play the kind of diplomacy to call leaders of different sects together, to demonstrate the art of moral sua­sion to sit even with the Opposition and Judiciary to develop tripartite talks on this matter.
We never expected Dr. Keith Rowley or any member of his ad­ministration to play rogue and go public and undermine whatever little confidence remained in the Judiciary.
If Dr. Rowley or members of his administration wish to open their mouth, one would think that it would be to articulate issues al­ready ventilated and not to sound like John Public who is depending on Government to provide solu­tions to the challenges we face.
Yes, the Judiciary may have problems, but has the Keith Row­ley administration provided all that is necessary to its stakeholders be­fore it stands in condemnation over its performance?
Have sufficient court houses been provided? Have sufficient judges been appointed? And has the Chief Justice been given control over the funds allocated to the Judicature of Trinidad and Tobago;?These are questions we do not mind Keith Rowley or even Stuart Young open­ing their mouths to articulate.
But little or no contributions are being made to the development of our Judiciary and little or no con­versations are being held to im­prove the administration of justice with the leaders we have voted in to take care of our business. That is why we have a Prime Minister and a sidekick like “rah-rahs” going all over the place making a nuisance of themselves.

The matter with the LATT could have been easily settled months ago

The matter with the LATT could have been easily settled months ago if the Prime Minister had within his skill-set the ability to negotiate and use the power of the vote to kill the challenge the LATT is trying to impose on the people.
LATT is taking its mandate from a minority vote because the num­ber that voted against the Chief Justice, less than ten percent, is far below the number of persons who practise law in our country.
But instead of spewing venom that lacks toxicity, what a sensible Prime Minister would have done is to ask his Attorney General to lobby a group of lawyers op­posed to the current thinking of the LATT and encourage them to attend meetings called to vote on this matter.
That would have been a com­mon sense approach, a wise ap­proach; an approach that would demonstrate the kind of finesse and manoeuvrings of which our country would be proud. But alas!
Our Prime Minister clearly lacks the skill to chorale any group to­gether for the greater good of our country. And it is for this reason his best option would be to talk less and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. No se­rious Prime Minister would have ever told his population that if the LATT sues him it is not he who is paying. Was it really necessary to refer to the lawyers who voted for judicial review against the Chief Justice as “braying hordes? Has Dr Rowley learnt nothing from the exemplary finesse of Manning?

But sadly the ability to think seems to be lacking across the Keith Rowley administration

If Dr. Keith Rowley feels that he must talk then why not talk on an issue that would be of interest to the national community, issues that would pull the nation together and not tear it apart.
Why not talk about what plans he has to make our society more just, more fair and more equitable.
If Stuart Young who has this “rah-rah” disease must talk why can’t he tell us what is his agenda to reduce the number of little black boys being thrown into prison rather than behave like a petulant child when the Judiciary is not throwing enough of our black chil­dren in jail.
And if he really wants to sound relevant why doesn’t he tell us what plans are afoot to speed up the course of justice since behind the very walls where he wants to put little black boys are innocent men and women who are await­ing justice now for more than ten years and who still do not have a date for court.
Those are issues the nation expects its leaders to talk about, issues that could bring about changes in our society. But sadly the ability to think seems to be lacking across the Keith Rowley administration and this is more so evident in Keith Rowley himself..
If our Prime Minister cannot speak intelligently on matters of interest to the national communi­ty then he is well advised to stay quiet.
The noise from the Govern­ment is drowning out intelligent conversations that the nation is struggling to keep. This is why once again Sunshine To­day advises the Prime Minister to “TALK LESS AND WORK MORE” and give his admin­istration yet another chance to win the General Elections in

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