NOTHING BUT POLITICAL SMOKESCREENS New Crime Plan, Building a New Society and Questionable Polls


At best, Trinidad and Tobago can be described as a “smart man-country”, where local politicos feast lavishly, enjoying the sophistication and grandeur of life at the expense of public guile, and consistently prey like vultures on the corpus of public ignorance and gullibility, whilst they control the economic pie for “the inner circle of “Cosa Nostra” Cabinet colleagues and very close friends.

It is passing strange that this educated and so-called intelligent public eyes appear to be closed to the political toxicity of the day. No one says that leadership and governance are easy tasks, given the nature of the globalization and markets, ever-changing geopolitics, advanced technologies, and foreign policies of nations.
Nothing is stable and certain anymore, anywhere in this global environment except the Word of God. If this is the state of global affairs, and an uncertain future awaits all, how important then to humbly solicit insincerity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding from the Great Almighty to lead, guide, instruct and protect a nation that is so multi-talented and diverse?
A nation where religious freedom prevails and where the entire nation should be united cohesively in all the warfare that seems to blot our image and character. But these words may fall on deaf ears as many politicians only dream of the “P’s-position, profit, power and their protection, only earthly pride and ambition.
These politicians seem not to know that today may well be their last day on Planet Earth, carrying nothing with them. They all have to await the final judgement of the Great Almighty who shall render fair and just judgement according to all that they have done in life. He who knows the secret motives and intents of the heart will bring everything to light. Politicians and all their cronies need to think about that fact and not continue in the same vein of premeditated flattery and additional dosage of public propaganda to mislead the population.
Now in the immediate aftermath of the grand Independence gala celebrations, three themes of media releases emanating from the current government indicate firstly, the advent of building a new society, secondly, a new crime plan and finally, the so-called polls giving the Honorable Prime Minister a 50 percent approval rating. A closer examination of these three themes requires a very brief, but constructive and critical, analysis.

Building a new society

First, the idea of building a new society is highly plausible and sounds good, but what is the Honorable Prime Minister stated to the country and what does he mean by building a new society? What will be the platform and foundation for building this new society?
Given that we have become to an extent very secular and materialistic, a nation of savage and brutally sadistic killers, a people suffused with covetousness and greed, where selfishness, avarice, pride and ambition hold sway, where the humility, kindness, hospitality, forgiveness, compassion, mercy and tenderheartedness have given way to vicious pride, devious cruelty, hatred, envy, malice, and conspiratorial brutality; where sincere love is replaced by what the media and entertainment world project, tell us Honorable Prime Minister, how do you envision this new society that you want to construct? Who is going to help you construct and build this new society? Is it your Cabinet colleagues, whose alleged primary primordial interests are self and self- preservation? Should there be spiritual oriented Cabinet colleagues, who will lead in prayer and to which altar? As it is, the nation continues to suffer and lose its moral and spiritual values and principles and all the high-sounding words of accountability, integrity and transparency are of no use. Do not feel that you can use guile to right thinking and praying people, Honorable Prime Minister, come better than that. Lead by example.

No new crime plan will succeed under this government

Second, a much-touted issue of a coming crime plan is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. We are approaching over 380 murders as of Friday 13 September 2019, with the latest, a Venezuelan gunned down in Point Fortin in the presence of people eating. There is nothing new about any crime plan.
Crime, as everyone knows, is big business for over 40 large multimillionaire businessmen, specializing with their foreign accomplices in bringing in women and children to be trafficked, indulging in drugs and arms, ammunition and weapons. The Police Commissioner is reported to be asking anyone who knows who have illegal guns to call his number, yet the Police intelligence apparatus gathered reliable and accurate evidence of all these 40 odd multimillionaire businessmen allegedly hiding behind an amalgam of businesses, involving night clubs, hardwares, supermarkets, groceries, bars, casino machines, real estate, insurance and a host of other avenues investing their ill-gotten gains and filthy lucre.
What is happening to these folks who pay no taxes nor file returns? Is the Organized Crime Unit capable of bringing successful prosecution in these matters? How about the 40 odd multimillionaire businessmen? For years the TTPS and its intelligence agencies have been gathering and collecting evidence. For what purpose? Are they connected in any way to politicians and some members of the TTPS? This is not a nation of fools, so do not attempt to “mamaguy” the population. Sadly, the burgeoning murder rate may cross well over 500 at the rate it is accelerating.
Too much politics is marinated with business elite and law enforcement officials. It is the most dangerous triad of communication that has this country in this mess and digging a deeper hole. No new crime plan will succeed under this government.

Do not take basket Honorable Prime Minister

Finally, the Nigel Henry poll that found a 50 percent approval for the Prime Minister recently is as far as from the South Pole is to the North Pole. Who were these persons interviewed? And where? What are their educational and other socio-economic backgrounds? How was it conducted? Against what background? An honest appraisal is given the population dynamics in Trinidad and Tobago and the political divide will surely indicate a disenchanted, disoriented, and dissatisfied population that is vehemently opposed to the Prime Ministers’ handling of the economy, security and overall governance. At best the Honorable Prime Minister may have gotten around 30-35 percent, and nothing more.
This is so especially in the aftermath of the Petrotrin fiasco, the cancellation of the Sandals project and the Chinese Housing Contract’s abrupt closure. Maybe a poll needed to be done on the intelligence of Nigel Henry. Do not take basket, Honorable Prime Minister.
Lest you forget, Honorable Prime Minister, “words and action have a telling power, and the long hereafter will show the effect of our life here. The impression made by our words and deeds will surely react upon ourselves in blessing or cursing.” Hopefully, this thought should give us all solemnity to life and should draw us closer to God in humble prayer that He will guide us by His wisdom.
As you would have seen over the past four years, your words have been a political disaster and leading a country is far different from speaking on a political platform.

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