Perspective…… PART TWO

Failure in Basic Management


As I leave the Ramlogan and Ramdeen issue of last week, I continue this week on my series on per­spective, I must turn my at­tention to Management as an effective aspect of Good Gov­ernance. I often wonder, about what the daily operations of Ministries look like today and in particular that of Ministers’ Secretariats.

Under the former administra­tion, the Secretariat of Ministers was a bustling engine room with tight schedules of meetings and engagements that facilitated the exchange of ideas towards poli­cies, the expected dates of start and completion of projects, new initiatives and opportunities.

This was under a high perform­ing administration. I’m not quite sure what’s happening now be­cause Governance has been liter­ally stagnated in this country.

If therefore, Ministers’ Sec­retariats are not bustling with activity then what are Ministers doing? Those who are MPs one would expect should be tending to the needs of their constituents and those who simply hold Min­isterial portfolios should at least be in the field addressing various matters as it pertains to their Min­istries but even that isn’t happen­ing.

It appears that under this ad­ministration, there is no real Governance and by extension there is mismanagement.

Agriculture Minister

The Minister of Agriculture lacks initiative and foresight

At the beginning of the dry season, I had hoped that the lush­ness of the Northern Range would have survived and until March there was some amount of prom­ise. The drive to south is horren­dous and troubling.

I am not sure where the En­vironment portfolio now falls and the Minister of Agriculture clearly hasn’t been throughout the length and breadth of the country, because for a man who claims to be down to earth and in touch with the ground, he clearly has no passion for his responsibilities nor for his job.

We already have the issue of Sahara Dust entering our atmo­sphere which makes it difficult to breathe properly. We now have the additional problem of ongo­ing bush fires whether naturally or unnaturally lit. I will use “un­naturally” cautiously because the extreme heat of the sun bearing down on the smallest piece of glass can ignite a flame.

The question we should be ask­ing ourselves is why are there so many pieces of glass in dense for­ests? Well, while we are a good people generally, we also tend to be a careless and “dutty” as well. I am fed up of seeing drivers, hik­ers, river and beach limers litter the place without any regard.


Dr Fuad Khan has on numerous times had to tell our people to stop being so stink!!! What will it take to clean up after ourselves? We are in the middle of the dry sea­son, the driest it has been in years, must you flick your cigarettes out your window so callously?

Given the countless bush fires, I would have expected the Min­ister of Agriculture to utilise the free sea water that surrounds us to assist in putting out these fires. It is absolutely unhealthy for us to constantly live in a smoky envi­ronment. It is dangerous to drive when the highways are constantly blocked with heavy smoke.

Bush fires continuously threat­en people’s property and addi­tionally they threaten our wild life. It is clear that the Minister of Agriculture no doubt lacks initia­tive and foresight to even act on the simplest of tasks.

Additionally, prior to the start of the dry season, everyone was warned by meteorologists that 2019 would be a severely dry year. Prior to the flooding in Oc­tober last year, the Government yet again did nothing to ensure a proper management of our water supplies.

There are several dams throughout the country. There are also the desalination plants con­structed by the first UNC Govern­ment to assist in the management of water especially during the dry season.

Public Utilities Minister

The PNM government had boasted that Minister Robert Le Hunte had an impressive CV in management, banking and fi­nance but yet as Minister of Pub­lic Utilities, his impressive man­agement CV has done nothing in the management of water.

My good friend, former Sena­tor and Attorney Larry Lalla has remarked that Port of Spain and environs have not once com­plained for water during this dry season because water never stopped flowing through pipes. However, everywhere else in this country people have gone for weeks without water in their pipes and worse yet without even raindrops to depend upon.

This Government has de­creased production in our energy sectors which one wonders then, is there an excessive water sup­ply from the Desal Plants and if so, why has this Government not done some sort of simple ration­ing to allow residents to get a respectable supply of water from those plants?

With the exception of the Minister constantly telling everyone to conserve and manage water, he has done absolutely nothing to ease the situation but everything to increase the population’s frustration.

The PNM treats the population worse than slaves

Two of the simplest forms of Management in Govern­ment management of excessive bush fires and management of a respectable water supply and in both the Government has FAILED!!! If a Government can­not find creative and innovative ways to address two very simple issues then can you trust them to continue beyond 2020?
We can barely say we are con­fident that we can trust them for the rest of 2019, what would you expect for the future? This PNM administration treats the popu­lation worse than slaves. In our own country we are treated with the greatest disrespect, first they destroy our energy sector, then they leave us unmanned and open to foreign rogue elements.

And now they have left us to live in drought.

Open your eyes and minds my people, many false prophets will come preaching country first, don’t be fooled into letting the PNM slip past 20 seats because Hell’s Fury won’t compare with what we are having now.

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